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Social and search engine optimized press releases open the door to instant inclusion on trusted, high pagerank news websites like Forbes, CNBC, and the NY Times, as well as hundreds of high-ranking industry-specific resource sites

The response from your PR for the ebook is rather blowing my mind – requests for radio/tv interviews, advertisers are contacting me to advertise on my site, and my readership has doubled overnight. Probably the most exciting inquiry came from The Author Show. From radio host and interviewer Don McCauley’s email to me: “The Authors Show is one of the most popular Internet radio shows in existence today. The site enjoys extremely high traffic and listenership and is currently ranked at the very top of the search engines for author radio.

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We Turn Milestones into Compelling, Optimized, Mass-Syndicated News Headlines

Our press releases are search engine optimized, social media optimized, and multi-media optimized. These are press releases that are designed to get noticed, drive brand influence, and generate traffic. We create compelling, yet search engine optimized headlines that position your news in front of your target audience and then entice them to click through. With three distribution level options, we offer a solution and price point that fits all of your client’s goals and budgets. Why wait months for page 1 exposure when links to your site can appear in Google News tomorrow? Not only will your SEO press release appear in news searches, but also on across a wide network of print and television news websites, RSS headline feeds, and social media channels.

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Experience & Continual Market Research

We write and publish hundreds of press releases per month. Therefore, we have a unique insiders vantage point to constantly assess press release performance and to evaluate the channels and options that produce the greatest results.

Your Personal SEO Press Release Consultant

We work with you to determine the best topics for press releases. We know you’re busy. It’s our job to help you generate ideas and topics to get press releases out and distributed on a regular basis. Consider us your own internal press release team.

We Are Conversion-Focused

Oftentimes, a company can benefit from a specific landing page to send press release readers. We can produce on-page content that provides a seamless experience for readers and maximizes SEO and conversion efforts.

We Care About Your Success

We want your clients to see their press release think “WOW” — and then go tell their friends and colleagues about how great you’re making them look. Your content is never just another job in the queue; we genuinely care about your success.

Re-Brand Our SEO Content Marketing Services

We work as a seamless part of your organization to fill your client’s SEO copywriting and sales copy needs. You call the shots. You set the prices. And you don’t invest a dime to add this service to your suite of service offerings! Request your Reseller Marketing Kit and begin offering SEO Copywriting services to your clients today!