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You Can Be a Published Author on Amazon


How would being a published author in the Amazon Marketplace impact your credibility and your business? It’s not as difficult as you may think…

Millions of People are Actively Searching Amazon for Information

Position Your Message in Front of a Captive Target Audience

You put effort into ensuring that your content is visible and present in Google, but what about Amazon?

Google isn’t the only place people go to search for information…

The convergence of an ever-increasing percentage of the population owning e-readers and a revolutionized book publishing industry had made Amazon one of the most powerful places to position your content in front of a captive audience. And unlike a print book, you can embed links right into the text to drive new readers into your sales funnel.

If your business model benefits from content marketing, a presence on Amazon can be a powerful lead generator.

Better yet, with Amazon’s new lending library for Prime Members and it’s updated policy to offer free books, your content is visible and accessible to more people than ever before. The ability to offer free or low price point books reduce the need to produce full-length books, along with the colossal amount of time, effort, and cost to produce them.

Getting ideas? Contact us about Amazon ebook writing and publishing today! We can brainstorm topic ideas and conversion strategy, and identify a solution that matches your goals and budget.

The response from your PR for the ebook is rather blowing my mind – requests for radio/tv interviews, advertisers are contacting me to advertise on my site, and my readership has doubled overnight. Probably the most exciting inquiry came from The Author Show. From radio host and interviewer Don McCauley’s email to me: “The Authors Show is one of the most popular Internet radio shows in existence today. The site enjoys extremely high traffic and listenership and is currently ranked at the very top of the search engines for author radio.

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