eBook and Info Product Development

Cash In on the Years You’ve Spent Learning the Hard Way


eBooks and info products carry a different type of ‘weight’ compared to other types of online content and are proven effective at converting visitors into customers.

We referred to SEO Content Solutions by a business associate. As we spoke to their team about their services and knowledge of the industry, we knew we found the right fit. All of their team members were friendly, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I highly recommended SEO Content Solutions.

Vinay Mullick

Co-Founder, Monroestar, Inc.

How Will You Use Your eBook To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

With our eBook and info product writing services, you get all the link building and money making benefits of an digital product – without the work! Our eBook ghostwriting services are 100% confidential. You retain all rights to your info product. You’re the author and visionary – we bring your ideas to life.

Use our eBook ghostwriting services to:

  • Create a profitable passive income stream
  • Generate buzz online and links back to your site (link bait)
  • Grow your mailing list by offering your eBook as an incentive
  • Reduce customer service inquiries for your products and downloads
  • Create training manuals for your team

The eBook Writing Process

We understand that you want to be highly involved in the eBook writing process. Just because you’re hiring an eBook ghostwriter doesn’t mean that you want to lose control of your ideas and your project.

Our goal is to bring YOUR ideas to life! Although you are working with an eBook ghostwriter, you’ll be involved with the eBook writing process throughout the entire project.

Step #1

We’ll discuss your ideas, your visions, your goals for your eBook, and learn more about your target audience.

Step #4

We will provide you with drafts to read. You’ll provide feedback and we’ll edit until you are 100% satisfied.

Step #2

We’ll list, collect, and gather the supporting research information and documentation.

Step #5

We’ll layout your eBook in with professional, aesthetically pleasing page design.

Step #3

We’ll propose or work with you to develop an organizational structure for your eBook.

Step #6

We’ll present cover concepts and create a cover that you are proud to use to market your new info product.

Re-Brand Our SEO Content Marketing Services

We work as a seamless part of your organization to fill your client’s SEO copywriting and sales copy needs. You call the shots. You set the prices. And you don’t invest a dime to add this service to your suite of service offerings! Request your Reseller Marketing Kit and begin offering SEO Copywriting services to your clients today!