Magazine Article Writing and Placement

You Can Be an Expert Author for Leading Industry Publications


Editors and bloggers are hungry for expert content from people who know their industry. We know how to reach them and position you and your clients as industry experts.

Due to a very well written article from your team I received a phone call from the #1 leading trade magazine in my industry. Thank you again. Great Job!

Brian Burr

CEO, Wholesale Hats

Own Your Position as an Industry Expert Through Authorship

Successful people don’t wait and wait for people to recognize them as an expert — they lead the charge. The people and businesses you see mentioned in and writing for magazines, newspapers, and influential blogs don’t get there by happenstance. Don’t wait for your competitor to get there first.

Editors and bloggers are hungry for expert content from people who know their industry. Don’t sell yourself short. You don’t have to be the leading expert in your industry to an expert. If you’ve got information that could help others because of personal experience, consider yourself qualified to speak on that topic.

Authorship in an influential magazine, blog, or trade journal results in instant credibility among a warm and trusting target audience. What’s more, once one industry influencer has published you, others follow easily.

Continue to leverage your past successes to gain more placements, and soon you’ll have established yourself as an industry thought leader. All it takes is an action plan and a commitment to take action.

We do research and work with you to identify story angles that are interesting, relevant, and, valuable for publishers and then ‘pitch’ the story idea to them on your behalf. We then write the article and you’ve not only got exposure in front of new audiences, but a piece of “social proof” that you’re among the industry’s thought leaders.

How We Position You As An Expert Author in Leading Industry Publications

You're In Control of The Message

We work with you to develop unique stories that are relevant to readers, and attractive to editors and publishers.

Custom, Hand-Curated Media Lists

We identify print and digital publications with readers that are hungry for these topics and then build a custom media contact list.

Personal, Customized, Outreach Campaign

Write individualized pitch letters that speak to each editor’s unique needs and goals as a steward for their audience.

Professional, Engaging, Intelligent Writing

After selling the concept, we ghostwrite the article to the editors specifications and make any requested followup edits.

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