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Your Customers Aren’t Ready To Buy Just Yet… Will You Be Top of Mind When They Are?


Relevant, useful, reader-centric newsletter content positions you as the obvious choice when it’s time to buy.

You guys definitely hit the mark, in terms of what sort of content we are looking for on these state-level auto insurance pages. The research your team did to drive the content creation is great… we are very pleased with how this turned out. I will be sending over the next batch soon.


SEO Manager, Reprise Media

Marketers Often Spend So Much Energy Obtaining New Leads and So Little Following Up, That They Literally “Throw Away” an Alarming Percentage of Their Client’s Revenues

Your clients hire you to “get higher rankings in search engines” or to “get x number of media mentions.” But what they really want is more sales, more revenue, and a higher ROI.

Regular delivery of customer-centric content, delivered to a highly targeted audience, is one of the single most effective ways to give your clients what they are really asking for — more sales.

…And all while making you look And you look like a rockstar agency for creating a spike in revenues without causing a spike in marketing dollars.

“No matter what you do, what you make, or how smart you are, the most valuable thing you own is your list of customers.”

Perry Marshall

Business Marketing Expert

“Studies on customer communication tools show e-mail promotions to have nearly twice the return on investment as any other form of marketing.”

Jean M. Rowan

Senior Marketing Consultant

“It’s five times more profitable to spend marketing and advertising dollars to retain current customers than it is to acquire new customers.”

Laura Lake

Director of Operations

Leads in The Funnel Today Become Sales Tomorrow

You know from personal experience, that you’re not always ready to buy when you first discover a product or solution online. You may be a “think about it” person, you may be in the research phase, or you may just need some more convincing.

There are countless reasons why people don’t buy the first time they come to your site. But that doesn’t mean they won’t purchase at a later date. What are you doing to stay in front of this lead that was interested enough to find you in the first place?

Regular delivery of reader-centric newsletter content is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, demonstrate knowledge authority, and remain fresh in the mind of your target audience when they are ready to buy.

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