Nice to Meet You! Here’s a Little About Us…

SEO Content Solutions is a content marketing and online visibility company that caters to SEO companies, PR firms, and web developers looking to value added services and to businesses that want to reach out to their audience, increase conversions, and improve their online visibility and customer engagement.

Founder and President, Christine O’Kelly

Hi, I’m Christine O’Kelly, founder and lead SEO copywriter of SEO Content Solutions. My passion is helping businesses connect with their current and potential customers while obtaining highly visible online in a variety of platforms and contexts.

I have a degree in writing from California State University San Marcos, a 19-year history in sales and marketing, and 11 years of ‘elbows deep’ experience in search engine optimization. I have written search engine optimized content and marketing pieces for hundreds of satisfied clients and enjoy helping my clients rise through the ranks of the search engine results and grow their visibility online and their businesses.

Account Manager Liyya Hassanali

Hi, I’m Liyya Hassanali, Account Manager at SEO Content Solutions. It brings me great satisfaction and fulfillment to a see a client’s idea, or goal at the beginning of a project or campaign and then go through each step it takes to get to the very end. It’s very rewarding to work on the very fine details each day that bring us all to the huge end goal of SUCCESS.

I graduated magna cum laude from Rollins College with a bachelors degree in Organizational Communication and have been working in the field of Sales & Marketing, specifically online marketing and stayed in this field for the last 10 years. I worked with an array of information technology clients such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Oracle. Before graduation, I also completed an internship with a local Affiliate Marketing network where I balanced sales and account management in excess of a hundred publishing clients in the online advertising industry.

Account Manager Jackie Burke

Hi, I’m Jackie Burke, Project Manager of SEO Content Solutions. I love learning about the ever-changing world of SEO and helping our clients find the right solutions to exceed their online marketing objectives. I truly value the individuals and businesses I work with and treat their goals as if they were my own.

I have a degree in English from the University of Florida and more than eight years of experience in the “traditional” marketing, advertising and public relations arena. Before joining SEO Content Solutions, I was a senior account executive for a large full-service marketing firm in Southwest Florida. There I developed and managed both regional and local accounts in the finance, healthcare, marine, real estate, retail, senior living, and tourism industries.

Account Manager Amber Kelm

Hi, I’m Amber Kelm, Project Manager of SEO Content Solutions. I love watching our client’s businesses flourish as their online marketing presence grows. Regardless of the industry or size of a company, we can help them increase their online presence. It’s been exciting to work with such a diverse group of clients. It makes me proud when we can show clients tangible results and they understand just how powerful SEO is, especially the ones who are new to the SEO arena.

I have a degree in Communications and spent the previous six years before coming to SEO Content Solutions as a corporate communications manager for a large real estate company. During that time, one of my responsibilities was serving as the Editor for the corporate newsletter. In such a large company (4,000 employees), the departments and employees tended to ‘silo’ themselves. My job was to educate employees about the business – in a fun and interesting way. I loved it when people called me up and said that unlike some other ‘corporate newsletters’ they actually enjoyed reading mine and learned something new each month. This passion has carried over to today — I love helping clients to create content that does cuts across boundaries to reach their target market from all across the web.

My Promise to You

Because we are professionals whose craft is writing, we can write in a style and tone that fits your company’s personality. Professional, funny, empathic, racy, scholarly, conversational, journalistic—whatever tone suits your personality, our SEO content is designed to capture your company’s unique personality.

We pride ourselves on a fast turn-around time and an organized process. You’ll know the exact status of your content throughout the entire process. For larger projects, we use transparent online project management tools to ensure that the lines of communication are open and that your project is delivered on time.

I am so confident that you’ll be pleased with our work that I offer a satisfaction guarantee on every piece of content produced. If you desire any changes, edits, or a complete overhaul of the content we’ve provided, we’ll deliver with a smile.

I look forward to working with you to help you grow your internet presence and earn new customers. To discuss your SEO copywriting and internet marketing needs, contact me personally.

To your success,
Christine O’Kelly

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